Experience the magic of IoT with verified analytics and proven resolutions that provide exceptional outcomes and tangible value.

IoT or the Internet of Things connects tangible objects with internet accessibility. It provides a cutting edge solution for the assimilating sensors, hardware, and software to enhance overall productivity.

IoT improves customer contentment, generates innovative scopes for business, improve the approach towards all the business aspects. At Flexsin our team eager and enthusiastic to remain updated with the advancing IoT technologies and schemes. We are always working to give you the most efficient IoT solutions and provide the turn-key solutions for client’s needs.


We love to help you strategize your roadmap and the way to execute the plan and implementation of IoT.


Provide the guidelines to execute a hassle-free implementation of any IoT components like sensors, and sensors, etc.


We keep the IoT devices running which includes its verification, software updates, provisioning, regulations, maintenance and much more.

IoT Service Deliverables
IoT innovation can profoundly affect each part of your business.

We recognize the chances to make your venture progressively agile and versatile. From that point, our all-encompassing aptitudes can deploy resourceful IoT arrangements close by your frameworks. We enable the organizations to delineate information from the platform to big business solicitations progressively. The businesses get the ultimate ROI out of their product ventures.

  • Multi-gadget information exchange.
  • Data amalgamation over applications/gadgets
  • In-cloud data room
  • Subject-based notification
  • Implanted firmware advancement
  • Wide sensor hardware support
  • Tailored data insights and detailing,
  • Independent interoperability
How IoT Works?

Devices and entities with implicit sensors are associated with an Internet of Things Platform. The IoT platform incorporates information from several devices and applies analytics to address the particular needs. The data is communicated from the device, which is gotten by the backend insight framework and the message conveyed over the grid. The data can be utilized to distinguish designs, make proposals and keep the event of the conceivable issues.


Automotive IoT empowers a vehicle to become brainy that interfaces itself to the cloud to deal with its indicative and driving conduct.

  • Sound and Infotainment
  • Telematics
  • Prescient upkeep
  • Keyless Entry
Smart Retail

Transform the retail industry by conveying savvy IoT solutions for overseeing stock framework, better client services and improving sales.

  • Streamlined POS Management
  • Associated Shopping Experience
  • High Inventory Accuracy
  • Smart Digital Kiosks
Smart Health

Iot enabled medical devices advances the quality and effectiveness of the facilities through enhanced outcomes of treatment and ailment management at a significantly reduced cost

  • Virtual health monitoring
  • Drug tracking
  • Ambulance telemetry
  • Hospital asset monitoring
M2M/Industrial IoT

Upgrade the production with M2M/industrial IoT solutions to restructure industrial limits of the companies with cutting edge IoT solutions for industries large and small.

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Ozone Presence
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Asset Management

Smart IoT applications like sensors, mechanical technology, variable rate innovation, soil dampness tests improve the prominence of soil and yield wellbeing.

  • Better planning and farming
  • Real-time data and production
  • Water conservation
  • Remote monitoring

Energy companies are experiencing better management of assets, improved security, flexibility to accommodate new energy sources, and quality with IoT.

  • Predicting and mitigating
  • Cleaner energy
  • Improved efficiency
  • Smart grid