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WonderCabs Driver is a Taxi Booking App for drivers, based on GPS which is connecting the drivers who are willing to provide rides continuously to their loving passengers.It helps drivers to utilize their ideal time and be available wherever the ride is required.

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To passengers, Wonder cabs are essentially synonymous with taxis, and to drivers, its basically a referral service. The Android, iOS and Windows Phone app connects riders with drivers using their phones GPS capabilities, letting both parties know one another’s location and removing the question of when the ride will actually arrive. In addition, the tech company also processes all payments involved, charging the passengers credit card, taking a cut for itself (which ranges from 5% to 20%), and direct depositing the remaining money into the driver’s account, all in the background and completely cashless.
Depending on availability, Uber also offers several different levels of service. The services lowest-cost option, UberX, runs in everyday cars like the Toyota Prius. Uber Black is the company’s original service, costing a bit more but running in high-end town cars with professional drivers. Uber SUV is precisely what it sounds like, charging a premium for a larger vehicle.