How to effectively promote your brand on Social Media

Social Media is not just a great networking platform, but one of the best marketing tools for promoting brands.

Choose the right platform for your Brand

There are a score of social media platforms and a wisely chosen set of appropriate platforms for showcasing your brand is very important. This selection will be based on the type of brand, your target audience and the style of promotion. A video heavy business would naturally lean towards using YouTube as its major marketing tool with FaceBook and Instagram as secondary tools. LinkedIn could be a very useful marketing tool for promoting education and learning initiatives along with Twitter and FaceBook.


Content that is valuable, relevant and credible is of utmost importance. Take advantage of trending topics when updating your content. The more unique your content, the more hits you have to your page.

Share too much in a short span

Do not overburden the visitor with an overdose of information. Instead, regularly update your social media platform with relevant and useful information.

Engage with your audience

Stay connected with your followers by constant interaction and acknowledging their presence and opinions by hitting those ‘like’ and ‘reply’ buttons. An engaged customer is an invested customer. You can use apps like Buffer, Quickfire, and even the built-in replies available with FaceBook and Instagram to generate quick responses. Live streaming, Q&As, quiz, and polls are very effective tools for engaging with your followers.

Use Influencers

Find that influencer with a huge following to promote your brand. Influencer marketing is a great promotion strategy as it gives you access to a wider reach and credibility to your brand.

Add Hashtags

Use relatable hashtags to your products and brand consistently so that followers can automatically recognize them. It is, however, recommended toavoid using hashtags on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

Video Content

Use video content, wherever possible as videos are powerful tools for grabbing the attention of viewers.  Live videos, Vlogs or Q&A sessions are popular means to keep your audience hooked to your social media page.

Instagram engagement

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms.  Enhance your brand appeal by posting pictures and videos on Instagram and upload these links on your twitter account.

Promotional Campaigns

Run regular promotional campaigns with prizes, discounts or free coupons to enhance follower engagement. You can expand your network of followers by extending the promotional campaigns to your followers’ friends on Twitter and other platforms.

Measuring your performance

Monitor your performance on social media by using google, twitter analytics, and other metrics. These tools will help you keep track of what is working and what is not with your promotional strategy.

The above tactics are some of the commonly used measures for improving your brand’s presence and enhance its appeal.

By effectively using Social Media, you can secure a loyal customer base, expand your network of customer base and achieve excellent business growth.