Trending Tech by 2020

Technology has been evolving at a lightning pace with new technology trends that keep making their mark on the technology horizon. Like in fashion, some trends could become fads and die a quick death, whereas some trends could be on their way to becoming classics. These trends are going to define the roadmap of technology in the coming years.

Below are some of the tech trends are expected to emerge as mainstream technologies by 2020:


The hugely anticipated 5G technology will be real by 2020. 5G is expected to take the tech world by storm with its high internet speed, lower latency, and other value-added benefits.


‘The Internet of Things’(IoT) has been making headlines for a few years now. With the advent of 5G technology, the IoT is expected to actualize by 2019-2020 with pretty much every device and homes getting connected to the Internet and becoming ‘smart’.

Edge Computing

With 5G and IoT technologies expected to become mainstream, Edge Computing is going to be the most anticipated technology trend for 2020. Edge Computing allows processing or analytics of data received from IoT devices to be performed closer or the location where it is created. Thus, Edge Computing enables processing of critical data in almost real-time.


The disruptive Blockchain technology is expected to take center stage in 2020. The security, decentralization, and reliability offered by Blockchain has been increasingly attracting more and more industries, other than Finance. A wider application of this ingenious technology is expected to take wings by 2020 and beyond.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers can work on millions of computations simultaneously and are highly scalable. A commercially viable, reliable and economical quantum computing model could be highly valuable for a lot of industries.


2019-2020 may see the emergence of consumer robotics, especially in countries like Japan and America. Big players like Amazon are expected to introduce a number of home robot devices controlled by Alexa. It will be interesting and intriguing to see the evolution of this technology trend in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence

By 2020, it is expected that more and more human tasks will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence. The ability of computers to think as humans has led to the phenomenal growth of AI and its invasion into various industries, including hospitality, Sales, and even homes. The increasing popularity of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri is evidence of the advent of AI into our personal & professional lives. More advanced applications of AI capabilities are expected by 2020.


With the use of NLP, devices, computers, and applications are expected to understand not just the words, but the emotions behind it. Humanization of the devices is not far away and they soon will be able to understand what is actually meant when something is spoken. They will be able to decipher the human language and communication easily.

Facial Recognition

Our faces will help us in offering more security not just with data but safeguarding our homes and personal belongings. Not just for unlocking our phones, new facial recognition technology is expected to allow us to open our houses and cars.


More and more complex tasks and decision-making tasks are expected to be automated in the coming years. The evolution of Machine Learning, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence will allow complex processes in various industries like health care, customer care, food, and so on to be automated to achieve operational efficiency.

The above list is not exhaustive, but the trends that are going to make huge waves on a global scale. Let us get ready to ride the exciting waves.